Monday, September 28, 2015

The New Gay Men Over 50

tommy+alan photography
 They look sexy, manly, hot as fuck, lean, muscular, confident, and worry-free. These are the men beautifully photographed in the “Men over 50 Project.” These men are pushing the limits of old age – 50 is the new 30! This is the model of the new older gay male – no longer lonely, depressed, and uninviting. Only a few can achieve such a standard, of course. The rest of us are left either struggling to accomplish the prototype or feeling guilty and failed for not realizing it.

tommy+alan photography

The project squarely places age on our bodies and physical outlook – as mainstream gay culture has done since AIDS. The body is where our sense of self resides; where virtuosity and futility live.

See the complete project -- including photos and the men's voices at Men over 50

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