Monday, September 28, 2015

The New Gay Men Over 50

tommy+alan photography
 They look sexy, manly, hot as fuck, lean, muscular, confident, and worry-free. These are the men beautifully photographed in the “Men over 50 Project.” These men are pushing the limits of old age – 50 is the new 30! This is the model of the new older gay male – no longer lonely, depressed, and uninviting. Only a few can achieve such a standard, of course. The rest of us are left either struggling to accomplish the prototype or feeling guilty and failed for not realizing it.

tommy+alan photography

The project squarely places age on our bodies and physical outlook – as mainstream gay culture has done since AIDS. The body is where our sense of self resides; where virtuosity and futility live.

See the complete project -- including photos and the men's voices at Men over 50


Unknown said...

This should be a series. I really enjoyed this. It's nice to get other men's feed back that your age. Everything is engulfed with the youth today. It's also nice to look at men who look good with their shirts off. Gives me hope at the gym.

Steve Rozic said...

Enjoyed this immensely, at 51 this gives me hope.