Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How it all started

The title of this blog, Gayby Boomers, refers to a new research endeavor on the lives of older gay men. This concept begin in the Fall of 2009, when I was a fellow at the Great Cities Institute of the University of Illinois of Chicago ( My intent is to use it as a means to share my thoughts and research and to hear from others interested in the topic.

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camsdad203 said...

I was there at the beginning -- as the idea took shape. JRV has been intent on finding a meaningful and compelling research project to follow-up his work around Compeneros (the book) and Tal Como Somos (the film out of the book). If it is fully realized -- it could become a definitive look at the totality of these individuals' gay experience (the first generation to go from a more closeted, sub-culture in the '60s -- to Stonewall -- through free-love -- to the AIDS epidemic -- to gay activism and honest portrayals of the gay experience on prime time television) -- and how it informs their lives today and their quality of life. Ambitious, yes, but as a gay man and post-baby boomer -- these individuals have a perspective that I'd like to know more about as well as they are blazing a trail for those like me who follow.