Sunday, August 22, 2010

From the Ashes Risen

Take a look at this trailer and learn about this documentary project by Tribal Elder Productions. This is a unique and needed effort to collect testimonials of older gay men who have survived HIV and AIDS. The stories in the trailer are sad. You can see and hear the grieving as they cry and recount the stories of their lost friends and lovers. And there are some details that tell us about our efforts to maintain a collective memory, a history, in the face of possible extinction. For example, some men kept a list of those how had died. Others still keep their personal address book, marking those who have passed away.

The story of the AIDS epidemic remains unresolved. Not only are people still getting infected, but also we, gay men, are still struggling with guilt, the morality of HIV/AIDS, the courage and hope we once had, grief, and bigotry.

Thanks to Roger Goodman and his team for undertaking this task.

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