Saturday, January 1, 2011

The boomers in the NYT and the ones I know

This piece on the NYT reminded me of a man (to whom I’d refer to as Charles) I have come to know in the last few months. He is turning 60 in a few weeks. He is gay and living with HIV since the mid 1990s. Charles has never had a birthday cake or celebration. Never. Growing up, he did not have mom or dad around. He was abused. He has been in many places. I can see his wounds and his fragility through his eyes. Charles rarely looks directly into my eyes. He chuckles anxiously and briefly; it sounds like a cry. But he is tall and looks robust, despite his frail health.

Charles does know that a few of his new friends (and I) are preparing a birthday celebration for him, with a home-made cake. We know he is not in a good place right now, but hope he comes out for his birthday cake.

Boomers Hit New Self-Absorption Milestone: Age 65

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