Friday, December 2, 2011

The Media is Catching Up: Aging with HIV

The latest piece comes from the Huffington Post: Aging & HIV: The New Face of HIV. 

The article is written by Daniel Tietz,  Executive Director of the AIDS Community Research Initiative of American (ACRIA). It highlights the research and advocacy ACRIA has been doing in the last few years on people aging with HIV.

What caught my eye is his reflection: "What we've learned may surprise you. Providers often underestimate the desire for and level of sexual activity in older adults, and maybe especially among gay, bisexual and transgender older adults who are at high risk for HIV, thereby neglecting their STI risk." While this may be correct, I wish we could see beyond sex. I don't want us to begin to see older LGBT through the eyes of sex, as we have done with younger gay men.

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El tiempo pasa y con el llegan nuevas necesidades, nuevas expectativas, nuevos vínculos y viejos amores.