Friday, October 24, 2014

Old Dogs & New Tricks

This TV series is marketed as a comedy about the (sex) and life of middle aged gay men. I wanted to like it and gave it a two full seasons try. Then I stopped. I couldn’t waste more of time watching this failed attempt of gay humor.

The premise of the show is that in gay culture there is no sex or life after middle age. The series, then, provides a view (humorous, supposedly) at the lives of four gay men aged 50 and older. The characters are a poor copy of those in Sex and the City. 

These four gay men live in West Hollywood and somehow magically they have a middle class life. And what we see in their lives (hence, the lives of older gay men) is quite predictable: sex, penis obsession, Viagra, plastic surgery, Botox, drugs and alcohol, and night clubs. I am sure these could be excellent elements for comedy, but not in Old Dogs & New Tricks. The dialog is campy, clich├ęd, and old.
One scene I found amusing: Greg Louganis doing somersault dive. That’s all. 

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