Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Queer Aging: The Gayby Boomers and a New Frontier for Gerontology

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As the first generation of gay men enters its autumn years, these men's responses to the physical and emotional tolls of aging promise to be as revolutionary as their advances in AIDS and civil rights activism. Older gay men's approaches to friendship, caregiving, romantic and sexual relationships, illness, and bereavement is upending conventional wisdom regarding the aging process, LGBTQ communities, and the entire field of gerontology.
  • An innovative new work that examines the aging of gay men through 11 first-person accounts
  • Interviews with racially and economically diverse older gay men offer unprecedented breadth of account and perspective
  • Includes theoretical and historical framework for engaging with subjects' first-person narratives
  • Ideal text for undergraduate, masters, and doctoral level courses in sociology, American history, LGBTQ studies, gerontology, African American and Latino studies, and social work
  • Valuable resource for health professionals who serve LGBTQ communities and communities and color and friends, family, and caregivers of older gay men

    Table of Contents

    1: Introduction: Queering Gerontology
    2: Stan:"If I'm left, then I have to be the best little gay boy ever"
    3: Anthony: " It has to be something else to this"
    4: Marvin: "I learned very early that it's not just about being gay"
    5: Robert: "I'm a pusher and I don't like to hear the word 'no'"
    6: Ramiro: "My family is really my gay friends"
    7: Grand: "I am a humanitarian"
    8: Charlie:"...being older and being by yourself"
    9: Adam:"...age is just a number. I don't necessarily put much stock in it"
    10: Jesse:"I am a chameleon. I adapt to whatever you throw me into"
    11: Louis: "I'm always meeting the underdog people"
    12: Jimmy: "The party came to a crashing end"
    13: The Praxis of Queer Gerontology


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